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Arch C Klumph

The seed of The Rotary Foundation was sown in 1916-17 by Arch C Klumph, the 6th President of Rotary International...

Arch Klumph was born in 1869 in a poor family in Conneaut Ville, Pennsylvania, USA. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 12, he left school and went to work to supplement his family's income. At 16, he became the office boy for Cuyahoga Lumber Company and worked his way up. On his own initiative, he enrolled in night school. ..

When business was failing, Cuyahoga Lumber made Klumph manager. He turned the company around made it one of the most profitable firm of its kind. In fact, he subsequently bought the company.

At 18, Klumph learn to play the flute. He became a flauteist with the cleveland symphony Orchestra and played with the symphony for 14 years
In 1911, Klumph became a charter member of the Rotary Club of Cleveland; in 1912 he was elected club president and in 1916 he became president of Rotary International
He was active in commercial and community organizations, having held such electives offices as president of the Cleveland Board of Lumber Dealers, president of the Ohio Lumbermen's Credit Association, vice-president of the Ohio Retail Dealers1 Lumber Association, vice-president and president for two terms of the Cleveland Builders Exchange etc..

Arch Klumph was instrumental in farming the RI Constitution, it was his idea to divide Rotary into districts, create the office of the district governor and establish the practice of holding an annual district conference. It was his vision to form an endowment fund to expand the good work of Rotary. The first donation the fund received was US26.50, the surplus fund of the Kansas Convention.